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Amos: Let Justice Roll

On Sunday, April 8, we are beginning a new sermon series based on the book of Amos.  Amos is found in a part of the Bible that is unfamiliar to many of us.  But this is an important and timely book for us to understand today.  

Amos was a shepherd and a fig tree farmer who lived on the border of the Southern Kingdom of Judah and the Northern Kingdom of Israel.  The North had seized it's independence from Judah 150 years earlier and were currently being ruled by Jereboam II.  Jereboam II was a very successful military leader who through a series of victories had won new territory for Israel and generated a lot of wealth for Israel.  But in the eyes of the prophets, he was a terrible king.  His wealth led to apathy, and his pursuit of false gods had led to injustice and neglect for the poor.  So Amos was sent by God to announce God's message to Israel.  These messages were compiled into this book of Amos that we are studying and are messages we need to hear today.  Are we worshipping false gods?  

Are there idols in our lives that have led us astray for God?  Have we tolerated and engaged in the abuse and neglect of the poor?  God said to Israel, "Seek me and live."  A few verses later he says, "Seek good that you may live."  To worship God is pursue justice and righteousness in our relationships with others.  Join us for this very important and timely study of the book of Amos.   

I encourage you to watch the very helpful video linked below that introduces the book of Amos and explains why it's message is important for us to hear today.

The Bible Project: Amos

Check out this great video